Chin Jab

A Brutal High Five in a Face With Power That Makes People Fly.
By Josef Prochazka

Chin jab … the name speaks for itself. Very old and powerful extreme close quarters battle technique attacking the opponent’s head from bellow in an upward hook motion.

Chin Jabbing uses the weight, movement momentum with a proper amount of body rotation, putting an assailant in off balance position thus making him vulnerable for following attacks.

Chin jab effects

  • off balance (sometimes even a fall)
  • disorientation (through powerful head shake)
  • head and neck pain (forceful attack to the head)
  • can cause a knockout (brain shake, fall on the head)

See how legendary Carl Cestari explains this technique in following videos:


With Chin jab, you don’t always have to aim only for the chin. This strike can basically be applied anywhere on the head.

Hit the jaw or temples from the side, back of the skull from the rear or smash the nose when in front.

Double chin jab

To make the chin “jabbing” even more effective, you can use your both hands to sweep the guy out of his shoes.

Just put your hands next to each other (as if you would be catching a ball) and hit the target with your palms.

UK spies in World War 2 were trained to use this technique when approached by the enemy soldier or policeman.

They were to double chin jab the opponent while he was checking their ID papers (so he was not seeing what is going on around him) and when the nazi hit the ground, they were to follow with the jump and stomp on his chest (lungs, heart) both feet to kill or cause serious damage (so he won’t be chasing or shooting after the spy when he start running).

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As you have seen on the videos above, the chin jab is an extreme close quarters technique so it probably wouldn’t be the first strike you’d use in a fight, unless the opponent happen to appear close to you somehow.

Chin jab is then mostly used when the fight is already on.

When following after the chin jab, I like to go for the eyes or face rake with the jabbing hand (since my fingers are already on my opponent’s visage) or dropping down with the hammer or elbow.

When you practice, find your own follow up strikes that suites your fighting style and your body the most.

Here is a good video with some explanation and an example of chin jab application in a combination with an elbow spike and edge of hand strikes.

Be sure to watch the videos couple times to get full understanding of this combat move.

Train on the dummy or speed bag. If you are going to train chin jab with partner – on partner, practice first in the slow motion along with your movement and weight shifting.

Always wear a head and spine protection if you want to train in high speed. Chin jab can do a lot of damage.

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