You are justified to use force if you reasonably believe and fear being attacked with harmful or fatal consequences.
Street Fight Video
Chin Jab

Chin Jab - Extreme Close Quarters Combat Move
A brutal high five in a face with power that makes people fly used in the World War II.
Come on and let the self defense legend Carl Cestari with his student Damian Ross show you how its done the right way.
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Street Fight Articles
Girls Training Self Defense With Men
Self defense training should teach you how to deal with bigger, stronger and more experienced opponents. Self defense classes for women usually lack this phenomenon in the training and so girls train self protection only against girls - and that is not right. read more...

Communicate in Self Defense Training
Communication in self defense training is very important either to repel unsure attackers more effectively or to increase the effectivity of the training itself. There is lots of space for talking in self defense. read more...

Behavioral Patterns of Criminals on the Streets
There are certain behavioral patterns that can tell you something is happening. By implementing such patterns to oyur training and learning how to find them will help you and your students make the self defense training more realistic. read more...

The Most Lethal Self Defense System in the World
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